Landing Pages Are Powerful – Here’s Why You Should Start Using Them

A landing page, otherwise known as a 'squeeze page', is a standalone webpage with a single, focused objective. It typically includes an offer, along with a form to capture visitors' contact information and a call-to-action. One of the best ways to convert strangers and fans into business prospects online is by using landing … Continue Reading ››

Google Authorship Cancellation: How It Will Affect You

The cancellation of Google Authorship, a way of claiming ownership to your content by linking with a Google+ profile, has caught many Webmasters by surprise. The decision to no longer support Google Authorship and the rel=author markup was first announced by John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst. Before the announcement, I doubt Google would … Continue Reading ››

Review Your Google Analytics Website Performance: A Snapshot Of Your Website

In recent months many Google Analytics users have been receiving emails titled Review Your Google Analytics Website Performance... with a snapshot of website performance for a specific month. However, there appears to be some amount of confusion stemmed from the fact that users did not specifically sign up for this service and the … Continue Reading ››

The Easiest Way To Become A Super Affiliate

There are numerous figures tossed around with regards to the number of wealthy affiliate marketers that are actually producing respectable money from their online marketing pursuits. Percentages are my favorite, for example:

  • 10 percent of web marketers generate 90 percent of online marketing revenue
  • 30 percent of affiliates are now non-active
  • internet marketers have a 95% … Continue Reading ››