Landing Pages Are Powerful – Here’s Why You Should Start Using Them

A landing page, otherwise known as a 'squeeze page', is a standalone webpage with a single, focused objective. It typically includes an offer, along with a form to capture visitors' contact information and a call-to-action. One of the best ways to convert strangers and fans into business prospects online is by using landing … Continue Reading ››

Google Authorship Cancellation: How It Will Affect You

The cancellation of Google Authorship, a way of claiming ownership to your content by linking with a Google+ profile, has caught many Webmasters by surprise. The decision to no longer support Google Authorship and the rel=author markup was first announced by John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst. Before the announcement, I doubt Google would … Continue Reading ››

Review Your Google Analytics Website Performance: A Snapshot Of Your Website

In recent months many Google Analytics users have been receiving emails titled Review Your Google Analytics Website Performance... with a snapshot of website performance for a specific month. However, there appears to be some amount of confusion stemmed from the fact that users did not specifically sign up for this service and the … Continue Reading ››