4 Ways To Improve Your Web Site Positions In Google

Such has been the explosion of web technology that having a good website, or maybe a nice web site, is now not enough. Search engines, like Google, have penetrated way too deeply in everyday psyche, and any tries to overthrow their utility will likely finish up solely in frustration. So, if you have got a sensible website however are still struggling to divert traffic towards it, you can take help-and heart!-from the tips provided in this article.

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There are several things you’ll be able to do to improve the Google ranking of your web site, and here are four of them:

  1. Linking: Since the sport of PageRank is all about having the proper links, it is suggested that you simply check where your web site stands currently. You’ll do that using one of the numerous tools out there within the market, as well as the free Google toolbar. Once you recognize where you stand, you need to make sure that you note which websites have been linked higher than yours and work on building links that will ensure your website ranks higher.
  2. Shorter titles: While it is true that Google gives great importance to the TITLE tag of a page, some webmasters stretch this a little too much by cramming more than 10-20 words into the TITLE tag. This has the reverse impact as Google tends to like websites with shorter titles. Likewise, having a shorter title will help users spot your website a lot of quickly.
  3. Update: Repetition equals boredom, not solely in human affairs but in webpages as well. If you’re aiming for a higher Google rank, frequently updating your website can be of immense help. The PageRank algorithm truly favors web sites with frequent and regular updates. A brilliant idea is to add a ‘what’s new’ or ‘recently added’ link to your website.
  4. Fewer sub-directories: Having too many levels of sub-directories can work against you since search engines have to ‘crawl’ a lot of and dig deeper for website content. But worry not; one sensible idea, if you do require several sub-directory levels, is to create as many sub-domains as you want since they are treated like individual domains.

By using the above practical tips, practically anyone will improve their website ranking considerably. However do not expect miracles to happen overnight.

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