15 Simple Questions To Ask A Typical SEO Client

15 Simple Questions To Ask A Typical SEO Client

The importance of developing the right SEO strategy for your client cannot be overlooked. Many times it is the difference between the success and failure of an SEO campaign. However, before formulating a strategy, it is even more important to not only get your clients on board but get as much information as possible from them. Part of this process includes developing an SEO questionnaire to aid your understanding of their business as well as helping you set the right targets that will make your job easier in the long run.

Overall, your questions will generally depend on the kind of information that you require and in many cases, the SEO package your client is either signed up to or about to sign up to. The general rule of thumb is to ask questions about the business, previous work carried out (if any) and future expectations. The following are 15 simple but yet important questions that you should always consider asking your client.

  1. Please list in order of priority, your most important products/services in relation to your business’s success.
  2. How would you describe your current marketing strategy (online and offline)?
  3. Who are your target customers and how do you reach out to them?
  4. Is your website visible on search engines?
  5. Do you participate in any online advertising? If yes, please explain.
  6. What has been your best marketing method, and what is that cost per lead?
  7. What SEO strategy do you currently use to drive traffic to your website?
  8. Does your current SEO strategy include the use social media (e.g. Facebook and Twitter)? If yes, please explain.
  9. How do you measure the success of your current SEO strategy?
  10. What KPIs are you currently tracking? Going forward, what type of conversions are you looking to achieve?
  11. What keywords/phrase have been attracting people to your website for each of your product/services above?
  12. What position does your site rank for your chosen keywords.
  13. How many visitors does your website get each month?
  14. Are your competitors performing better than your business on search engines? If yes, who are your competitors?
  15. How much are you currently spending each month to get your online traffic and do you have a budget for internet marketing?

Whilst you may decide not to ask all the above questions as part of your SEO questionnaire, you should strongly consider making use of some of them.

Are there any other questions you think should form part of a typical SEO questionnaire?

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