Review Your Google Analytics Website Performance: A Snapshot Of Your Website

In recent months many Google Analytics users have been receiving emails titled Review Your Google Analytics Website Performance… with a snapshot of website performance for a specific month. However, there appears to be some amount of confusion stemmed from the fact that users did not specifically sign up for this service and the emails have not been exactly consistent. The fact that in cases where there are more than one GA administrators, not all receive this message does not seem to help matters either.



Unfortunately, because of the apparent lack of clear cut information and by throwing figures around in fancy graphics, Google has managed to increase the hysteria amongst those who do not know exactly how to interpret web traffic data. There are cases whereby clients have phoned SEOs demanding to know why their bounce rate was so high without conducting proper analysis.

What Is Google Saying?

Not a lot. However, the assumption is that this is some sort of beta test to get users to engage more with their GA accounts. This is perhaps why, as shown in the above image, users are presented with a basic overview of the number of visits, bounce rates, average time on site and average pages viewed per session. The overall goal is to take users back to their accounts at least once a month. This notion is backed up by the presence of 7 or 8 GA exit links and an additional link to a Google Analytics Email Feedback form or survey.

Google Analytics Email Feedback

The overall response from users will determine if this practice will go on or not. What do you think?

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