7 Ways to Influence Google Results with Search Preferences

7 Ways to Influence Google Results with Search Preferences

The typical Google search engine user probably never navigates away from the home page or first search result page (SERP) when conducting a search. This means that many are unaware of the possibility of personalising search results by editing their search preferences. For example, considering that over 70% of users never view search results on page 2 or more, did you know that you could set your SERP to deliver up to 100 results per page? Probably not.

This article will, therefore, show you how, as a logged in user, you can change your search settings such as results per page, languages, location, history and SafeSearch, through Google Search Preferences.

Set SafeSearch Filter


By turning on SafeSearch to filter explicit results, you can block offensive images from appearing on your search pages as well as those pages that could link to explicit content. Whilst not 100% full-proof, it does work to filter the vast majority of adult content.  You can also prevent unauthorised persons from changing your setting by clicking “Lock SafeSearch”.

Enable Google Instant Predictions

google instant predictions

With Google Instant Results, Google tends to predict your search and starts showing updated results automatically as you start to type, as long as you have a reasonably fast internet connection. This is in a bid to make search experience quick and easy. Although the results shown are based on what other users would normally search for, you can choose to enable or disable instant predictions through this option.

Increase Results per Page

results per page

Google typically shows 10 results per page. However, this number could be increased to 20, 30,40, 50, or even 100 results per page by setting your search preferences. However, note that the higher the number of results displayed per page, the longer it could take your SERP to load. Depending on your internet speed, the time delay could be minimal.

Use Private Results

private resultsWhen your search preference is set to use private results, you will be able to find content and connections, in relation to Google products such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google+, that are more relevant to you in private.

Search by Voice

spoken answers

The “search by voice” option enables spoken answers when you use your voice on Google search to find information, get directions and set alarms or reminders. When turned off, answers will only be provided in the form of text.

Open Results in New Window

where results openThis is quite a self-explanatory option. When enabled you can save time by opening all search result links in a new browser window automatically.

Disable Search History

search history

Google tends to keep a record of your search history sometimes to show you personalised results or serve relevant ads on their product pages. The type of information stored in here includes search terms, result pages and the date and time your search, web and app activity took place in the last one year. Although this information tend to be stored automatically for logged in users, you can opt out by disabling your search history here.

Finally, it is important to always remember to save any changes made to your search preferences.

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