How to Increase Web Traffic by Buying Established Domain/Website

How to Increase Web Traffic by Buying Established Domain/Website

Perhaps one of the most important questions on the mind of Website owners and administrators is whether or not it is alright to buy visitors or Web traffic. The right choice may be difficult or easy depending on what side of the coin you belong to. While I am of the opinion that paying for traffic is probably unethical, you might decide to buy an already established domain or Website, if it is available for sale, as a suitable alternative to directly purchasing Web traffic.

There are several reasons why an administrator might decide to buy an expired domain or established Website that has been put up for sale, least of which is automatic Web exposure. The importance of getting automatic exposure cannot be over-emphasised particularly because you also gain regular visitors who have previous knowledge of the site or domain. It can be likened to buying a ready-made home with its foundations already in place. The following steps have therefore been put together to guide you into how to get the best deals, should you be interested in taking advantage of expired domains or Web sites particularly to build a customer base or get ready-made traffic.

Look at the figures

Because there are advantages when you buy Website traffic does not necessarily mean that you have no guidelines that you should follow. One of several basic principles that you need to keep in mind is that an expired domain has advantages only if it actually received hits during the time period when it was in existence on the Internet. Which means purchasing just any domain will be insufficient. Instead, you have to be sure that the Web domain you purchase is one that works. The best domains are those that have pre-existing links in other web pages,  thus making it easier for more online users to be directed to your Website or blog the link.

Utilise the best service providers

Another easy way to choose the best-expired domains when you buy website traffic is through the use of reliable service providers. There are lots of online companies that will offer and allow you to buy Web domains or expired sites. Like any other trend, however, you have to be wary. Only use service providers who have had plenty of experience in terms of providing expired domain traffic because there are actually some sites which list expired domains, but not the corresponding traffic in a bid to trick unsuspecting buyers. On the other hand, some may even lie about the number of hits that their expired domains have.

Make sure the expired domain matches your website content

Finally, be sure that your expired domain matches your website content. Before you buy Web traffic, check out only the domain names which matched to your Website. Otherwise, people will usually tend to forget your domain name and URL address – because the site content does not match the domain address.

So, the very next time you think of establishing a  Website, think first of the hits that your domain name can generate. Unless you want to undertake exhausting link wheel procedures and other site promotion techniques, the easiest option might be to buy an expiring domain or Website that has been put up for sale so has to hit the ground running.


Can you suggest any reputable online company where Web administrators can buy established domains/Websites that have been put up for sale?

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