The Most Common Twitter Marketing Mistakes

Twitter and other social networking sites are now among the most popular destinations on the internet. Marketing on Twitter can help you get traffic but it’s also important to keep yourself away from simple mistakes that can kill your campaign.

Avoid the first newbie mistake which is to get too personal with the people who are following you. While it is important to send randomly generated tweets so that you can blend in easier, you still must remember it’s a business. No matter what subject you’ve chosen, you should only talk about that subject and you would want to stay away from what you did at your brother’s bachelor party last night. The people on your follow list aren’t going to want to read tweets from you that describe drunken nights and you getting into trouble. They want specific information about that one topic that they can use. You can let your hair down and be funny or laid back, but you should keep it within the realm of the niche you’ve focused on. If you happen across any media, such as a video, that is funny and is within the subject you’re dealing with, you should tweet about that. While you’re not necessarily assisting them with an issue they may be having, your tweets will become entertaining to others. You are keeping within your niche and you’re sending them a fun tweet that will let them know a little more about you and your sense of humor. If you want to reveal everything about yourself and really let yourself hang out, you need a personal Twitter account, which you should make and keep separate from any of your business dealings.

Don’t make the mistake of just hanging in there and hoping, waiting and expecting for people to come follow you. Unless you’re Ashton Kutcher, which I’m sure you’re not, you’re going to have to do some work to get a band of followers. Usually when you start following someone, they instantly become a follower. This is the first thing you’ll want to do with Twitter and just work on getting lots of contacts within your given subject matter. A good move is to look for experts within your niche, because if they ever retweet your tweets, that’ll be very good for you. Now it should be obvious why so many marketers love Twitter. It’s a great way to get more customers by actually going out and collecting them instead of having them have to come your way. Not only that, but going out and hunting them instead of having them come to you allows you to be selective about who you put in your network.

Don’t commit the other common Twitter mistake which is to use the incorrect language. If you are always using language that’s inappropriate, people won’t want to deal with you. Remember that here you’re trying to create a professional image in their minds, an image of an expert or a guide they can trust. Using swearwords or cussing will only bring down your reputation and affect it bad.

Basically, Twitter can give you the success you want, but you need to avoid the mistakes you just learned about.

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