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Web design is an extensive subject when you consider that it takes a lot of components to create a good site. You don’t want your site to only appeal to visitors but also to receive high rankings from the search engines. However, even if your site makes a good impression on the search engines, if visitors don’t stay on it because it is unattractive, you haven’t achieved much. The “bounce rate” of visitors coming to your site and hitting the back button right away depends largely on the presentation of your site. This is why it is imperative that you concentrate on good web design if you want to see great results in the long run. Some sites do great with search engines but achieve very few sales. This article will be exploring the various tips that you can use when working with web designing.

The best approach is to know your market, for example – some markets will not respond very well to the use of popups. With popups, best to test it out because they can actually decrease site stay times, or returning visitor percentages. If you don’t want to test, then the conservative approach is to avoid using them. Popups just carry a negative image, so it’s best with the average consumer to just avoid using them. Don’t put your reputation at stake by having these on your page as they might make you look like a spammer by some users. You can always just use a subscription form on your site for gathering optins.

It depends on your market, but usually you want to follow proven design ideas and conventions because people relate to them faster. Some examples, people are now very much used to seeing buttons/links for RSS feeds and bookmarking. You want to avoid alienating your visitors because too many things they’re used to seeing are not on your site. People are used to finding certain things in certain given places, so don’t change that.

You’ll only annoy your visitor if you have music, and it starts to play right away when someone visits. Most people do not appreciate that, and if their volume is turned up – it will really make ‘em mad. Also, those video walk-ons you see now, be very careful because they do it automatically and it isn’t always appreciated. Just hand over control to your visitors because that’s what they want. In conclusion, successful web design is not as complicated as it sounds. All you must do is keep the aforementioned suggestions in mind and handle all the little details. The challenge lies in creating a site that is interesting to visitors, not in designing a simple site.

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