3 Genuine Methods for FREE Web Site Traffic

The following (three) methods are made to be effective together. Yes, you need to use only one of them if you so desire, but when they’re most effective is once you braid them together into a tight rope that will constantly generate a deluge of guaranteed web site traffic. Follow them correctly, implement them fully and you will will no longer have to buy web site traffic.

Technique 1: The Twitter-pated Approach

The reason why I’ve called this the “Twitter-pated Method” is because whenever you harness the effectiveness of Twitter, you will be completely awe struck and “Twitter-pated” at its effectiveness! First, create a Twitter account at twitter.com (and I recommend creating a brand new account for your organization promotion–that will demand a new email address). Next, complete your profile and write a compelling bio with a link to your site so that whenever somebody visits your Twitter page they will see your link! Alright, that was only the 1st step.

Now head to socialoomph.com to make an account. This site is awesome as you’ll be able to send automated tweets to completely new followers, and in so doing, you could rotate various greetings with your weblink in them. Consequently, each and every time someone follows you, they are going to get an automatic tweet promoting your company website!

Next, visit twit.faxo.com and sign in with your Twitter account. This enables you to bulk follow potential clients–who are likely to follow back! Go at this for a while, and develop your following, so eventually you will have thousands of people who will see every single tweet you post!

On a final note with this method, be sure to get a Twitter icon to put on your website so people can follow you as well. Implement this method and– you guessed it, you won’t ever must buy guaranteed web site traffic.

Technique 2: The Friendly Method

Fine, we’re nearly done! Get a Facebook page for your business. Its easy and only takes a few minutes. Before you know it, you will receive a lot of fans and friends of the business. Next, you should follow exactly the same steps as above and get yourself a Facebook icon to put on your site so more you can gain more fans directly from your Website.

Technique 3: RSS Madness!!

Now to the “RSS” option (RSS stands for “real simple syndication”) on your website or blog. First, you have to visit a website called Feedburner.com! Here, you just enter the url of your website and Feedburner will create an RSS feed for your website or blog content. Now that you have an RSS feed, you can add it to all social networks that we previously created so that anytime content is updated on your website all your social networks are instantly notified and all your friends and followers will see your update, driving hundreds if not thousands of people within moments of updating your website!

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