Landing Pages Are Powerful – Here’s Why You Should Start Using Them

Landing Pages Are Powerful – Here’s Why You Should Start Using Them

A landing page, otherwise known as a ‘squeeze page’, is a standalone webpage with a single, focused objective. It typically includes an offer, along with a form to capture visitors’ contact information and a call-to-action. One of the best ways to convert strangers and fans into business prospects online is by using landing pages, yet studies show that many businesses still aren’t using them. The reason? They don’t know how, understand or don’t have the time.

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Well, after reviewing the benefits of using landing pages, they will realize they are leaving serious money on the table. The time to learn how to use landing pages is right now. Here’s why:

They convert better than homepages

The logic is simple. A website homepage is typically used to showcase all areas of the website. Along with the prominent navigation bar, there are usually multiple images displaying multiple offers. It’s hard for a visitor, especially a new one, not to get distracted by all the ‘shiny new objects’.

A landing page, on the other hand, only has the offer. There are no distractions and all roads lead the user to the same ultimate action; a targeted, strategic and highly focused approach.

They generate highly qualified leads

As mentioned before, a landing page only has one main offer. This means, when you are promoting it, only persons interested in that specific offer will even bother to click the link.

Strategic businesses use this to their advantage by creating offers and wording them in such a way that they not only appeal to any potential customer but a specific segment of their market.

This way you will know that the overwhelming majority of those businesses that sign up for your offer are qualified leads – persons who meet your criteria for a potential buyer. Certainly, if your product is freemium based, you’ll always have those persons who just want free stuff, but they’ll weed themselves out soon enough.

They perform in search engine results

Highly optimized and targeted landing pages do show up in the main search results, which can be perfect for capturing those searching with long tail keywords. To get the best results from this, businesses should ensure that landing pages are search engine optimized with a good title, URLs, meta descriptions and relevant promotion in social media.

Easily adaptable to multiple devices

Since sharing landing pages with your audience is as simple as giving them a link, you can promote them almost anywhere – in social media, while speaking at a conference, through your email newsletter, etc. This means your audience can be anywhere using any Internet-enabled device to access your page.

Due to the nature of most landing pages – a simple top-down flow of information with large, attention-capturing image and a form for inputting information – they are easily convertible to the device being used.

For quick and good results, opt to use a squeeze page generator which will typically provide responsive templates you can customize as well as tools for measuring the success and conversion rate of your landing pages. If you want to fully customize and create a landing page from scratch, here’s a good read on making your landing page effective (not at the expense of reading the rest of this one!).

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Create a synchronized experience

We live in a world of instant gratification and short attention spans, especially in the digital realm. Anything more than one click away can, and often will, lose us. When viewers click through to a specific offer from a tweet, ad or email, they expect to see it immediately. If they have to search your homepage to find it, chances are they might get distracted or frustrated and leave.

Landing pages are simple to design and launch without investing in a whole website revamp. So when customers see an image and offer in your promotion, then click through to the same image and message, they know they are at the right place and a lot more likely to stick around. Pushing confusing or contradictory messages is a surefire way to confuse and discourage action from potential users.

Powerful for acquiring new customers and relationships

Sales teams often have a lot of success gaining clients by offering free material or product samples. Traditionally, this was executed by the salesperson going back to the office and taking a few minutes to set up a free account or compile and email the material.

With a landing page dedicated to the offer, all they have to do is hand over a card with the link, say it out loud while the client visits the page on-the-spot or bring it up on their own device and input the customer’s information. Not only have they eliminated that delay period where a potential client has the opportunity to change their mind, they’ve just added that person to the company’s contact database for future offers they might enjoy, even if they aren’t sold right away.

Track and test audience response and use the data for further development

One of the best features of landing pages, and the one that may prove most worthy to your business is the ability to track audience behavior on that page.

When persons visit a landing page dedicated to one specific offer, they are either interested and sign up or not interested and leave. There are no other offers or potential distractions to divert their attention. If you notice that the majority of your visitors leave without signing up, then it’s time to start A/B Testing. Create different versions of your page with changes to the different areas you think may impact behavior and watch how the audience responds. This will give you great insight into how to capture the attention of a potential customer. And since it’s much more costly to acquire a new customer than keep a current one, that information is worth its weight in gold.

With these benefits, marketers and business owners should be considering landing pages among their best assets and tools for growing business. It’s very important to use a premium landing page creator tool that not only simplifies the design and launch process but also keeps track of data that makes your effort accountable. In the end, it’s a matter of optimizing your message and design for greater performance and capturing more leads.

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  3. Generation of highly qualified leads is an undeniable reason to go for landing page. Business is all about generating and converting leads, and using a tool like landing page becomes vital.

    Landing pages are powerful for business growth especially when it is designed to improve user experience and help in solving the needs of the audience.

    I left this comment as well

    1. Thanks for your comments Sunday. You’d be surprised at the percentage of businesses that fail to use this powerful tool as part of their digital marketing strategy. Many simply believe a generic web page would suffice.

  4. Hey Joseph,

    Target Marketing is key in the beginning. You can get a lot of people with landing pages, but if they’re not targeted, you won’t have sales conversion. This is why having a good, converting landing page is important and vital to the survival of your business.

    Also you don’t want it to be a big challenge for your targeted traffic to purchase the offer. Yes, the one thing that you mentioned that landing pages have over home pages is that it’s only focused on one offer unlike home pages. We do live in a microwave society where instant gratification is the forefront, and if you not correlating your landing page to society’s behavior then you will lose out on a lot of sales!

    Thanks Joseph for sharing the reasons why landing pages are powerful! Have a great weekend!

    I found your post on under the category internet marketing

  5. Hi Joseph,

    That’s right. The problem with landing pages is when to implement it. Bloggers usually get confused on how to integrate it on their sites.

    What’s the tool you use for landing pages? I like Leadpages. Your image I think is for Getresponse right? I think they could do better with their UI. It’s still needs some improvements.

    1st time here. Cool blog!

  6. Hi Joseph,
    Recently i read a lot of articles to know about the landing pages or squeeze pages even in, i haven’t got this much information about landing pages, Thank you for sharing information, Keep going.

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