Google Adds Penguin to it’s Core Algorithm: What it Means for You

Following the launch of Google Penguin in 2012, Google has announced a rare/major algorithm update as part of its page ranking signals. Consequently, Penguin is now one of over 200 signals which include quality fresh content, location, mobile friendliness, and PageRank.


Specifically, the implications of the Penguin update are as follows.

Real-time refresh: In the past, sites affected by Penguin have been updated periodically. This meant that if your site was punished by Penguin and you make the recommended changes/correction, you would still have to wait until the next Google algorithm and site re-crawl to have the ban lifted. Now, Penguin’s data will be refreshed in real time, so you won’t have to wait that long to observe changes.

Specific targeting: Penguin is now more granular which means that rather than affecting the ranking of a whole site, individual pages will be devalued based on spam signals. So, gone are the days when Penguin punishes every page on a website for the sins of one.

Penguin Verdict

A long-awaited update which should bring Google up to speed with the fast-changing nature of the Internet. Should also go a long way to appease a lot of webmasters who have been on the receiving end of the unforgiving Penguin in recent years.

Note that this update has been launched in ALL languages.

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