How To Get CPA Network Approval

If you know what you’re doing it’s not hard at all to have your application approved at most CPA networks. You must be able to get your message across in a quick and clear way when it comes to advertising your CPA offers. You cannot go anywhere without a plan. CPA managers are only concerned with affiliates that can do as they promise and who bring something to the table, namely professionalism. So when you’re applying to the CPA offers, make sure you list out what plan you have. It won’t matter if you prefer PPC marketing or email marketing, you must know where everything is and have total control over your business if you hope to win the manager over. For instance, if you’re going to use PPC marketing, you’ll want to let the manager know that your links will go to the merchant through a PPC click, so he or she shouldn’t worry about your site. It will always pay off to be as completely forthright as possible with the CPA manager. You likely won’t get accepted if you keep things sketchy.

The affiliate manager is only going to want to know specifics, especially about how you plan to market the CPA offers. There are many people who apply to CPA networks, but most of them don’t get in. Why, you ask? It’s only because they are unable to provide any form of backing to their claim when it comes to driving traffic. Perhaps you’re new to internet marketing? If you are, that’s something you do not want to let them know. Ok? It’s tough on beginners, but unfortunately being a beginner to IM is the primary reason for an application to be denied. When it comes to experience, when they ask, you can say something like you’ve been doing online marketing for some time around a year, etc. Give them a reference of all the other CPA networks that you’ve joined till now. When they ask you questions and interview you, remember they’re trying to protect themselves as much as possible, plus their vendors too. There have been very many scams involving CPA offers, so they’re clamping down a bit more. Just be polite and professional and answer the questions as honestly as you can.

You must pay strict attention to this technique. When you are completing your application to the CPA networks, you will discover a text box that asks for you to include something extra if you wish. The best tip anyone can give you is to make use of that box. Never go by that box without putting at least something in it. Also, if you are a publisher from somewhere besides the US and Canada, you’ll especially want to use this box as you might have a hard time getting your application approved. This box can also be used to show off all that you know about online marketing so the affiliate manager knows your skill level.

CPA networks have to take care of their vendors, or advertisers, so they need to screen as much as possible. Our tips are solid and based on experience, so be sure to use them and there should not be any issues.

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